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Health Begins in the Colon

Chapter Descriptions

Part I

Summaries of Each Chapter Below:

Chapter 1—The Secret to Health

Key Topics:


Once you download and read this sample chapter, you will have access to valuable knowledge that Dr. Group recently revealed as a keynote speaker at the Ninth International Conference on Science and Consciousness.

This section provides answers to the questions:

  1. Why are So Many People Suffering from Poor Health?
  2. If We Have the Greatest Healthcare System in the World, Why are We Still Sick?
  3. What is the Ultimate Solution for Reducing and Preventing Disease?
  4. Which Overlooked Organs of the Body Directly Affect Our Quality of Life?
  5. How Can Constipation Function as a Root Cause of All Disease and Illness?
  6. How Can I Achieve My Best Health Ever?

The sad truth is—doctors are not being taught to prevent disease! Chapter 1 will enlighten you about how and why our health has been neglected by the medical establishment and what you can do to regain control of your wellbeing. Read Dr. Group’s definition of what a doctor is really supposed to do to help you versus the standard practices. In his words, "To be happy and healthy, you must be clean inside and out!" and by reading Health Begins in the Colon you can learn just how to do that!

Chapter 1-The Secret to Health is being provided to you absolutely free to review and pass along to your friends, family, coworkers, and anyone you feel can benefit from improved health!
Download Chaper 1

Chapter 2—What Is A Toxic Colon?

Key Topics

Summary: Many people are surprised to discover their body may contain a host of toxins trapped within hardened, impacted waste matter lining the walls of their colon and entire intestinal tract. This section serves as an overview of the role of the colon, comparisons of a health and unhealthy colon, and examples of toxin sources in typical work and home environments.

Chapter 3—Conditions of A Toxic Colon

Key Topics:

Common Bowel Conditions Caused by Everyday Toxin Exposure; and definitions, symptoms, and explanations of how regular colon cleansing can help relieve and prevent:

Summary: Although you may think you know the definition of constipation, you could be wrong. Learn a fact-based interpretation and indicators of true constipation. Plus, review separate sections on a variety of gastrointestinal disorders, prevalence statistics for occurrence in the United States, and with special focus on how thorough cleansing of the intestinal tract can rid the body of disease-causing toxins.

Chapter 4—How Healthy is Your Colon?

Key Topics:

Summary: A relatively brief section, Chapter 4 provides tools and tips for identifying healthy and unhealthy stool, with a detailed explanation of the categories of the Bristol Stool Scale (including Dr. Group's addition). Learn how unusual colors seen in stool could warn of serious digestive illnesses, problems with assorted internal organs, nutrient deficiency, or even internal bleeding.

Chapter 5—The Oxygen Colon Cleanse

Key Topics:

Summary: A very extensive and detailed section of the book, Chapter 5 describes how to perform the 6-Day Oxygen Cleanse protocol developed by Dr. Group and provided exclusively in the book and related websites. You should refer to this section often when carrying out your cleansing regimen, especially since it reveals how various dietary components of the cleanse deliver valuable nutrients, remove impurities from the body, help alleviate symptoms of digestive difficulties, promote enhanced digestion of foods, and contribute to the overall cleansing process.

Learn how increased oxygen absorption can be a vital resource for breaking down impacted waste matter lining the intestinal walls, for fueling internal biological processes, and for maintaining optimal health. Discover the role and value of Probiotics for feeding beneficial flora inhabiting the body's internal ecosystem. Receive step-by-step instructions for performing the cleanse and tips for maximizing its effects (such as techniques for abdominal massage). Find out the dangers of osmotic, stimulant, and bulk forming laxatives, pros and cons of enemas, bentonite clay, water colonics (hydrotherapy), and especially oxygen based colon cleansing supplements. Finally, learn how exercise can help remove toxins from the body and ways to maximize the elimination process.

Chapter 6—The Colon Diet

Key Topics:

Summary: The Colon Diet is a plan for maximizing nutrition by carefully selecting certain foods (which correspond to the body's biorhythms) for each of your meals based on the time of day. The meals themselves are outlined in greater detail so you know which foods can be "mixed" for optimal nutrient assimilation versus which foods cancel each other's benefits due to chemical incompatibility. For example, we should consume more raw vegetables than animal proteins for healthy pH within our bodies; and we must apply caution when combining foods to reduce the potential for producing colon toxins.

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