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Dr. Group,

"Thank you for recently joining me as a guest on Healthy Talk Radio. The knowledge you shared on air was very interesting and informative. We received great listener feedback! The information you discussed regarding your book Health Begins in the Colon, the subject matter was empowering to our listening audience.

It was a pleasure speaking with you. Best wishes to you with all your endeavors."

With kind regards,
Julian Whitaker, MD Host

Dr. Julian Whitaker

"One of the best-kept secrets of healthy living seems to be hidden in the often-overlooked colon. Dr. Group reveals why and how to become proactive in protection against the ravages of degenerative diseases, much of which are preventable. Great practical advice for all of us!"

Denis Waitley, author "The Seeds of Greatness"

Dr. Waitley

"Dr. Group I am reading Health Begins in the Colon and you have set the new precedent on cutting edge science and insight of colon health, cleansing, etc. Bernard Jensen, Richard Anderson (Arise and Shine), Richard Schulze, etc. don't have anything on you!"

Your friend, In Reverence
Christopher Sutton - Natural Health Consultant

"Hello Dr.Group, thank you so much for your book, HEALTH begins in the COLON. I would like to send you an order in about 2 weeks for 12 copies. My patients respond so well to your products but getting them to take them is another task. But we are getting there. Making lifestyle changes in eating habits and keeping our COLONS clean is really the KEY to excellent health."

Kind regards,
Dr.Xiao-Ping Liu

"I am 'blown away' by the straight-forward, no-nonsense, detailed and easy-to-follow information. I agree totally with the quote from Dr. James Walker on the front cover: "The best book ever written on colon health and cleansing"!

Virtus and Alicia Brown

"This book explains exactly what needs to be done to regain your health and to stay healthy. This truly is the magic bullet, even though it takes time - if the information is followed - will bring an individual's health back in abundance. I am honored to have known Edward for many years and have followed his program with fabulous results. Health Begins In The Colon has been a long time in coming and I am so grateful I now have written documentation to offer individuals I work with that explains the concepts I speak of.

What has been literally fed to us through the media re dietary influences and lifestyles has led us down a path of illness, stress, and fear. You are to be commended Edward on this exemplary piece of work and documentation which is so relevant and timely and so so needed in our culture today".

Julie Anderson - Author of "The Heart: The Final Destination"

The Heart: The Final Destination

"Dr. Group brings to focus, in an effective and easy to understand manner, the absolute necessity and importance of intestinal cleansing and detoxification for good health and well-being. I am confident that Health Begins in the Colon will quickly find its way as a required text book for all natural medicine colleges and universities. A definite “must” for everyone’s natural health library!"

Loretta Lanphier, ND, CN, HHP

Bruce Lipton

"Dr. Group, I would like to thank you for the copy of your book "Health Begins in the Colon", I send you my very best wishes for success and congratulations on what looks like a great and informative book"!

Bruce H Lipton, Ph.D.
Cell biologist & best selling author of "The Biology of Belief."

"I was reading your book with big interest and I think it is a wonderful book on health and something everybody can enjoy reading. It's very helpful for people who want to stay healthy! Thank you again and good luck."

Valentina Uskach
Director of Wellness Institute of Colon Hydrotherapy

Dr. Group,

My name is Kimberly Johnson and I am Dr. Ben Johnson's Chief Operations Officer. I am in receipt of your book that was sent by The Healing Codes to Ben. Ben is currently in India and I took the book home last night to start reading it for him. I am also writing a book for Ben on water, primarily the health benefits of alkaline water with same due to be completed within the next couple of weeks.

Although I am only into a few chapters of your book, I felt compelled to tell you (as early as 2:30 this morning) that you are one of the most sincerest doctors that I have had the opportunity to read literature from. Your true sincerity and desire to help others is evident from the onset of your book. It appears that yours and Ben's personalities are inlined with each other. You both put your patients and other's first and are not afraid to take a stand against traditional medicine.

I know you are busy but I just wanted to take this opportunity to commend you first on your book and secondly for being a person on high integrity.

Best wishes with your book -

Kimberly Johnson
Dr. Ben Johnson's (The Secret) Chief Operations Officer

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