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The Real SECRET TO HEALTH is Finally Revealed!

Learn how to transform your body, home, and workplace from being toxic into being healthy, clean, and green!

Do you frequently experience headaches, allergies, joint pain, muscle aches, bloating, gas, constipation, flu-like illness, or just chronic fatigue? Have you tried traditional and natural methods (pharmaceutical drugs, vitamins, herbs, surgery, vaccines, etc.) only to always end up right back where you started?

Let’s face it-the current healthcare system isn’t working and the incidence of disease is climbing at an alarming rate.
Health Begins In The Colon exposes the hidden truths behind the medical industry, such as how modern medicine treats just the symptoms of disease and not the root causes.

But did you know you can reclaim and master your health by embracing the growing green movement? It is often said that “green” is the new “black”, meaning being environmentally conscious is “cool”. As you learn to recycle, reuse, and reduce consumption, you can remove toxic substances from your external environment, but did you know you must also remove them from your internal environment-your body?

Well, the body cannot become green if it isn’t first clean, and the body can’t become clean unless it is free of toxins and other harmful substances. Just as the outer environments in which we live can become polluted with trash, violated with industrial chemicals, and covered in sickness-causing smog, our inner environments (our bodies) can become filled with toxic garbage as well.

Health Begins In The Colon reveals the multiple sources of toxins in your diet, home and workplace that can enter your body causing sickness and disease!

How Do Body Toxins Cause Poor Health?

You see, every day your body is bombarded with millions of toxins from genetically modified foods , toxic beverages, polluted air and water, prescription drugs, excessive stress, attack by parasites, and exposure to heavy metals and radiation. You absorb toxins from pesticides in crops, hormone-injected meat and dairy products, soy, white flour, table salt, MSG (monosodium glutamate), microwaved foods, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, alcohol, electromagnetic radiation, poisoned drinking water containing arsenic, chorine and fluoride, industrial chemicals, and so much more! These toxins suppress your body’s self healing mechanism causing sickness, low energy levels, anxieties, weight gain, and many other negative health conditions.

Over 90% of these toxins enter your body through the INTESTINAL TRACT! From there they enter your bloodstream and begin to damage every living cell, organ, and biological system. Just as crops wither when vital water is withheld, your body’s self-healing mechanisms can become overwhelmed by toxins … and disease or poor health is the result! Through my research, my former clinical practice, and also my work as a natural healthcare educator and “living green” consultant, I have discovered body toxins to be the underlying cause in nearly every case of general illness and poor physical or mental health! I am thus able to affirm the old saying that “Disease Starts and Health Begins in the Colon.” Did you know you can strengthen and retrain your intestinal system to work as the first line of defense against toxins? Just as the potential for disease exists inside the body, so does the solution!

It has been long established that the body can heal itself if properly nourished and cleansed of toxins. By incorporating regular internal body cleansing and other organic lifestyle techniques into your health regimen, you can reactivate your body’s natural healing systems. Plus, by adopting an eco-friendly green mindset, you can actually increase your vitality and reduce your impact on the world’s resources at the same time. You see, the real Secret to Health cannot be patented or regulated … it can only be taught! I firmly believe the true definition of a doctor is “one who teaches” not “one who prescribes”.

Health Begins In The Colon provides easy, at-home solutions for preventing disease, restoring or achieving optimal health, and creating A Green Body, A Green Home, A Green Workplace, and A Green Life!

The following Green Diet Tips, for example, can help you reduce waste (inside your body as well as in the outer world) by eliminating industrial costs, packaging, labor, and other wasteful practices.

  1. Make organic or locally grown raw vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, and nuts and seeds the core of your diet. You can lose weight and feel great by avoiding fatty meats, desserts, and processed foods. Individually, this may mean little, but if millions of people enact these practices, the outcome will be significant. The constant drain on the world’s food supply will lessen as an intended side effect of our collective dietary advances.
  2. The millions of animals raised solely for human consumption are a significant drain on the environment because they must be fed, housed, transported (to meat plants), processed, transported again (to stores), sold, transported again (to your home), and prepared so you can eat them. Just in fuel consumption and CO2 generation alone, eating animal protein costs us billions of dollars every year. Think about all that energy being expended for very little nutritional gain! The truth is-you can attain a far better degree of health by not making meat the main course of your meals.
  3. Avoid unhealthful, prepackaged foods and beverages such as frozen dinners, “to-go” meals, and especially soft drinks. You will also feel better once you kick the “fast food” habit. Did you know an 8oz. cola provides you with less water than is used to manufacture the aluminum can holding it?
  4. Use organic skin care items (soap and cosmetics), paints, cleaners, and other household products instead of their chemical counterparts to reduce pollution as a byproduct of their manufacture.

How Is Having A “Green Body” Good for the Environment?

The basic truth is-a disease-free body is less of a burden to both yourself and the world. Learn to “live green” by following these health improving eco-tips:

1 – Cleanse your internal environment (your body)

2 – Cleanse your external environment (home and workplace)

3 – Combine your efforts with that of friends, family, and coworkers

Individually, we can only do our part, but together we can dramatically reduce our burden on the world’s ecosystems! Remember-a clean body is a Green Body!

I’ve researched, accumulated, studied, and organized tons of valuable information about how to create green living and work environments and a green, toxin-free body. I ultimately decided the best approach for sharing this knowledge with the world is to incorporate everything I know about eliminating disease and restoring health into this book.

I designed Health Begins In The Colon as a comprehensive and dynamic resource for anyone seeking to restore or improve their health, learn how to live green both inside and out, and improve their personal vitality and quality of life!

Health Begins In The Colon Can Answer These Critical Questions:

Is My Home “Sick”?

If you suffer from unexplained fatigue, headaches, nausea, dry cough, eye, nose, or throat irritation, you may not have considered it, but your living environment may be the cause. It’s true! The very place where you relax, cook, sleep, bathe, where your children play, where you plan your future, where you go to “escape” from pollution, traffic, stress, etc. can actually be more toxic than those outside areas. Due to the over-sealing of structures, use of inferior materials, and lack of indoor air purification, your home can actually become toxic to you and your loved ones!

Health Begins In The Colon will teach you how to detoxify your home!

How Can I have A Green Body?

Do you want to know the true Secret to Health for better skin and hair, a balanced metabolism, increased energy, optimal health overall, and especially how to avoid and prevent disease before it begins? Don’t you want to feel better than you have been? Discover the amazing health knowledge that has not been made available to the public anywhere else. Learn the truth about modern medicine and how to achieve the best health ever by:

Health Begins In The Colon will teach you how to detoxify your body and living environment.

What Is Wrong With My Eating Habits?

Do you use artificial sugar substitutes because you want to cut back on calories? Do you microwave foods all the time because you have to eat in a hurry? Do you consume too much fast food, colas, fried foods, desserts, and other processed “junk food”? Like most Americans, your life is always “on the go” and this leads to poor eating habits, an increased likelihood of obesity, stroke, heart attack, and diminished health in general. Believe it or not, you can eat far healthier foods that nourish rather than drain your body … and you can save money at the same time!

Health Begins In The Colon will teach you how to adopt and practice an organic diet!

Can I Really Avoid Antibiotics & Other Drugs?

Did you know that antibiotics cause more harm to your body than good? They kill the beneficial Probiotic bacteria! Plus, antibiotics (and virtually all drugs) are over-prescribed to an extent that is destructive not only to your body but to the entire world’s delicate ecosystems. The rampant spread of drug-resistant, harmful organisms is directly related to improper or over-medication of humans, unnecessary surgery and medical procedures, and other harmful “health practices”! Natural health supplements (formulated with only high quality organic ingredients and free of harmful additives) are far better for promoting internal healing and cleansing … and without the harmful side effects of synthetic pharmaceuticals.

Health Begins In The Colon will teach you how to reduce or completely eliminate pharmaceutical drugs from your body and your life!

Health Begins In The Colon offers simple at-home solutions for:

Plus, you will discover:

I’ve spent over 20 years counseling people with serious health issues only to personally witness their recovery and renewed health by following the methods outlined in this book. Like most people, I’m sure you’re extremely disappointed and frustrated by the public healthcare system, and you’re probably skeptical after hearing about all sorts of “miracle cures”, quick fixes, and deceptively tested and marketed prescription drugs … and I don’t blame you one bit. The traditional, symptom-oriented medical approach is just plain wrong! With Health Begins In The Colon, you can finally learn the truth!

Health Begins In The Colon gives you research, statistics, charts, tips, recipes, diagrams, illustrations, facts, figures, even a little fun … and so much more!

With Health Begins In The Colon, You CAN find and follow the path to manifesting A Green Body, A Green Home, A Green Workplace, and A Green Life!

Live Green and Live Well!

” One of the best-kept secrets of healthy living seems to be hidden in the often-overlooked colon. Dr. Group reveals why and how to become proactive in protection against the ravages of degenerative diseases, much of which are preventable. Great practical advice for all of us! “

Denis Waitley
author “The Seeds of Greatness”

Dr. Waitley

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